Many people spend a fortune to go to a spa without considering that you can easily turn your bathroom into a place for relaxation and renewal

To do this, are important the little details that involve the selection of soothing colors, sounds, perfumes and other items that help in achieving a real spa.

The first step is to choose an appropriate color to paint the bathroom.  In this sense, it is important to note that the aqua color is widely used in the professional spa.  Another option to consider is the sky blue or light blue, as it is a soothing color.   As for the white represents purity in almost all cultures. These would be the recommended colors to choose from.

The second step is the play of light.  You can make a change by placing solar receivers so that the greater amount of sunlight or you can simply open the windows or blinds Cortinas for the entry of natural light.
If your idea is to use your room must at spa after a hard day’s work in the afternoon or evening on weekends, the use of small candles burning is essential to provide tranquility and harmony. If the bathroom is not private, place curtains or aqua blue color.

With regard to the curtains, they, like the towels, they should give a more natural appearance.  It is therefore recommended that they be made up of 100% organic cotton or hemp.  You should avoid curtains made of PVC plastic because studies show that this material emits harmful chemicals to health.

Another aspect to consider is the purchase of one or more CD’s that contains sounds being the most recommended, soothing, the sound of light rain or falling water in a fountain or waterfall.

With regard to the smell, avoid the use of commercial fragrances or environmental chemicals.  is the preferred use of natural products.  For example, you can bring to a boil for 15 minutes two or three limonescortados sliced 3 cups water.
Then, this liquid can be put in a spray and sprinkle this preparation just before use your bathroom as spa.  The refreshing lemon fragrance and gives a feeling of cleanliness in the environment.  Also you can use other natural products such as infusion cinnamon and vanilla among others.

The spa professionals are provided with natural small details that connect with the earth element.   The following are some tips to give a natural touch to your bathroom:

1. It is important to the placement of plants, offering a sense of freshness, greenery and nature.   The preferred are those little water.  Even the images or pictures of plants or flowers help to the association with nature.

2. On the shelves of the bathroom and near your bathtub can bring shells, pebbles and stones collected from the beaches, rivers and mountain roads.  They help create a mental picture of nature and warmth of the Sun  If you can extract some sand in a bottle to the feet feel much better.

3. The use of glass is a touch widely used in professional spas, and many note that activate positive vibrations especially quartz and ruby Bohemia.  For this reason, we recommend placing them in the bath water.

4. You can also place pictures of animals and wildlife to create a mental picture of nature

5. We recommend the use of natural fiber rugs to be an important time of their selection and strong absorption of it.   Also, they must be washable and is even better than having a non-slip support.

6. As a decorative element, is the placement of bottles containing various natural elements such as essential oils and bath salts.

7. Another trick to make your bathroom becomes a spa is the game of temperature (cold / hot) used in the bath water. To do this, remember that cold water baths activate the senses, stimulates circulation and reduce inflammation. While hot water baths are used for relaxation at night.

Finally, if you make a homemade face mask or a steam bath, it should prepare everything before entering the bathroom.  Most importantly, enjoy your time in the bathroom with the physical sensations, sound and smell that you will receive your own spa.


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