To highlight the natural beauty of hair, we must make , in addition, daily care , a  haircut with which we can not just keep it in good condition , but also ensure its renewal.

However, not all courts favor all faces.  Hence, it is useful to know under what type of face court will highlight more of our natural beauty.

Face Round

To foster this kind of face , find a hairstyle that will give more height to the top to lengthen the face.  In addition,  layers on the sides soften the appearance and narrow face. The shorter bangs with a favorably enhance finishing straight .  It necessary to avoid the hair very short, flattened , straight , curly, the hair pulled back and parted in the middle, because they accentuate the shape of round face.

Face square

Parasuavizar a face that ends with a square jaw, is recommended to opt for longer hair , with curls, a fringe that touches the eyebrows balance the proportions of your face or a line on one side.
Avoid cuts straight to the alturade jaw, square and heavy bangs or hair collected in the neck.

Face elongated

For balance it a long face nothing better to experiment with a fringe cut to the side of the face to give an impression of width in the temples.  A cut that greatly favors this kind of face should be made to the height of the chin , which will enhance width to the face. You should avoid long, straight hair , long cuts regular and hairstyles without bangs, and that will make your face shape is more elongated.

Oval Face

In this kind of face all hairstyles look good.  However, oval faces tend to be wider in the front , if believes that this is so obvious , you can always choose to wear bangs.

For in Heart Shape

For this kind of face is one the best hairstyle that adds height to the top and width around the jaw and chin. women’s cuts are the are best for this type of face. Avoid parted in the middle , as highlight only the tips of the chin.
Others aspects to be taken into account when cutting :


A trick of beauty that many hairdressers use is to observe the distance and angle that has its customer between the chin and ear lobe so to determine which hair length is right for your client .. If distance is short and has a prominent jaw, any length will be appropriate , however , if you have a dropped jaw and tilted , the recommended to avoid very short hair and take away from your face.
If you have a very pointed chin , it is better to opt for a hairdo which gives more width the mandible , thereby diverting attention from it . If he has sunk, can always conceal their hair so that the tips rub the sides of the chin.


If your neck is wide and you want to look slimmer, can pass the hair Behind the ears and let fall softly around the neck.

Hair fine

If you have v rebel fine hair , choose a short , layered style , which is easy to comb and creates the illusion of more body. The layers of different levels are excellent for this effect .

Hair thick

If you have thick hair , frizzy and difficult to comb , avoid too many layers. Instead you should choose graduated layers around the base of the head, thus bringing more smoothly.

Recommendations natural beauty

1.  No Remember to trim the ends every six weeks, which will help to maintain good general condition hair
2.  With Regarding the split ends, the only way to get rid of them is cutting hair.  However, if the tips tend to open very often , we recommend taking a multivitamin to reinforce them. A beauty trick to seal temporarily, is massage with a conditioner or apply some wax or Vaseline.


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