Style Man… It is quite amazing to see a well-dressed man; though guys are not really known for updating their wardrobe, they are choosy and mostly keen on buying designer wears. This post will tell you how to keep an eye or follow the latest fashion trends and how to pick accessories, which would enhance your entire getup.

Style Man Fashion Tips:

Dressing properly and well isn’t a territory that only women should know, as most people think. Men too love to dress well for different reasons. Some want to get their job done, while few try to be impressive and convey their inner poise and coolness. You may be having different thoughts and you can look sharply dressed, by following some key points.

Mind the Fit Factor:

Whatever the dress you choose, it should fit you properly; the key to great looks is the comfort factor. If you aren’t feeling great, you can’t look great, despite wearing designer clothes. The comfort factor would be seen by others; ensure to prioritize and do not opt for too loose or tight dresses that may reduce your confidence.

One more thing that you need to take into account is the event or occasion for which you’re planning to go. If it’s an evening or dinner party, it isn’t good to wear formals. If it is a formal event that strictly tells no to jeans and t-shirts, you can go for trousers, jackets, and shirts along with a tie and stylish shoes. If you want to look simple, yet trendy, button up shirt is a safe bet. It is versatile and can be paired with jeans, slacks, and sneakers. Keep it timeless and classy to complement your personality.

Colour Choice:

Don’t play much with colors and if you like to experiment, then summer would be the perfect season to brighten up your wardrobe. Just like women’s clothing, even men’s category comes with stylish and varied colors. You can check online or go for window shopping, to know what the current trend is.

style man
Ragazzi offers a great pair of jeans, clothes, shirts, and jackets from different brands; the designer store is known for offering stylish, durable, and affordable clothing that is never boring to wear. Choose the bright colored shoes wisely, and don’t be shy to try out bold patterns, and dark shorts.
So you can pair mute or neutral shirts with bright bottoms for a more refined look. If you aren’t sure what color would go well, it is better to stick to neutrals, but with 2 contrasting tones. You can go for either plain shirts or multi-colored prints.


Depending upon what dress you’re wearing, you can opt for stand-out (formal or casual) or funky watches. Wear something on the wrist to make a subtle statement; the crocodile strap watches look elegant and attract attention.

style man


You should also buy nice, trendy sunglasses that reflect your entire personality. Though others do not spot your smile, they are definitely going to notice your lenses. If you wear spectacles, keep the frame simple to complement your looks. When buying sunglasses consider the shape of your face and choose the most flattering one that defines your unique personality.

style man

Hopefully, these tips would certainly go a long way in improving your fashion sense. Author Bio – This post has been contributed by Cleon Kenneth, who frequently shares valuable tips for looking great, sharp, stylish, and staying up-to-date with men’s fashion trends.


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