masks, baths, sprays, etc.. and apply on face and body, should follow certain recommendations to the success expected and described below:


The best time to apply a mask is for a few minutes of entertainment. When the skin and facial muscles are relaxed, the mask works better. So Give yourself half an hour to yourself and enjoy the experience without troubles.

1. Make sure the face and neck are scrupulously clean, with no trace of makeup or natural oils before applying the mask.

2. Wash hands thoroughly before applying the mask, for thus prevents bacteria

3. Unacuchara Use wooden or plastic spatula.

4. Do not make the mistake of wearing the mask left for too long, as it may dry or too wet skin

5. Remove the mask with a cotton swab moistened with water. Wipe the skin with a movement from the bottom up, without stretching the skin. If your skin is sensitive, it is advisable to put ice packs afterward to calm her.

6. Whatever your skin type, apply a moisturizer after removing the mask, to protect the skin.

7. We recommend applying only a mask once a week.

8. Put your hair in a plastic cap to prevent it sticking in his face

9. Extend the mask near the eyes or mouth.


1. Recommended only exfoliate once a week and if your skin is sensitive only once every fortnight.

2. Put your hair in a plastic cap to prevent it sticking in his face


Do not bring your face too much water vapor as it could burn.


1. If you are very relaxed or tired, you can fall asleep in the bathroom. Therefore, to prevent accidents, we recommend that you ask another person in the house knocking at the door every 10 minutes.

2. Do not take baths beauty very long time or temperature is too hot.


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