If you are looking for a gorgeous and unique ring from an endless engagement ring collection available today might seem like a nerve-racking experience especially when there are so many different options that the average person might not understand. One of the main problems that may come while selecting an engagement ring is the setting type. There only a quite common setting types that offer a different look and a secure hold for those precious gems. Generally, men have no idea on selecting an attractive ring hence this article will help you to select the best design for your partner.

In engagement rings, there are two common settings of engagement ring designs which are prong and flat top settings. In today’s modern world the other two settings are getting immense popularity which is called flush and illusion settings. In order to get some knowledge on it the following are some of the ring designs according to settings.

Traditional setting is metal prongs hold the diamond stones in place. The main aim of this setting is to allow as much light as possible to pass through the stone the metal is always made up of platinum which can be shaped as thinly as possible without sacrificing the durability of the ring. It is one of the simple and more elegant settings which are popular among people.

The next one is a flat top setting which makes use of a metal band that tapers at the bottom; the stone is set on the thicker top side, which is sometimes set with the metal chips that surround the stone. It is not elegant but gives a pleasant and simple look. Hence it is popular among people.

The gypsy setting is very famous because this is good for tiny diamonds which is embedded into the ring and therefore look simple but secured as well. But not a lot of people prefer this ring due to its dull appearance.

An illusion setting is a setting which is popular among people because this makes the diamond appearance large than it actually is. This was designed by nesting the stone around mirrored metal plates. You can see all the designs at MaeVona designer showroom.

These are some of the famous engagements rings that people usually select for their occasion. Before you are going to select a ring just have a search on different designs and setting online. With the development in fashion field there are many new setting available in today’s market, just make use of all the resource in order to find the best and effective design for your partner.


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