The healthy nail growth depends on healthy cuticles. Therefore, massage is recommended as it increases blood circulation which promotes the growth of strong and long nails.

It is important to remember that you should never cut cuticles or biting, as they may run the risk of infection.  On the other hand, it is recommended to soften some of the natural beauty recipes described below and then gently push the cuticle to back with an orange stick.

Softening cuticle oils


2 tablespoons jojoba oil
2 tablespoons almond oil

Application Mode

Mix the oil in a bowl and dip your nails in this preparation for 10 minutes.
Make this recipe twice a week, preferably at bedtime.

Treatment of olive oil and egg yolk to soften cuticles

Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, tones the cuticle and fatty acids also help to keep nails well moisturized. Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer and conditioner and helps the nail that has a natural sheen.


1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon olive oil

Application Mode

Whisk in a bowl the egg yolks together with the olive oil. Then, insert the nail into the container for about 10 minutes.

Treatment of cocoa butter

The mantecade cocoa is a natural moisturizer for skin and nails, leaving behind a layer of silk that gives them a shiny and healthy. The vitamin E oil helps prevent tissue breakdown and promotes healthy cell growth.


1 capsule of vitamin E,
1 teaspoon almond oil
2 teaspoons grated cocoa butter

Application Mode

Heat in water bath, oil, vitamin E and cacaorevolviendo butter mixture occasionally, until melted cocoa butter.
Remove from heat and pour into clean container. Allow to cool before using. Rub the nails and cuticles as needed.

The cuticle Suaviante pineapple


2 tablespoons pineapple juice
1 egg yolk
5 drops of lemon juice

Application Mode

Mix all ingredients and then immerse the nails in this preparation for 10 minutes and gently push the cuticles back.


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