“As a teenager the box of colorful makeup products, the soft brushes attracted me to flaunt them on my soft skin as and when I saw my mother using it. But as soon as my mom saw me reaching near the box she would scream and hide the box in a place where I could never even get a glimpse for the rest of the year. Now when I have crossed my teenage life, I have the access to the flamboyant colors. How I love using it everyday to the college” recalls, Prakrathi.

Mothers have always posed restrictions on the teenage daughters to avoid using any makeup on their soft and subtle skin, fearing the reddish blemishes or over aged look on their little angels’ flawless skin. However, now they can breathe easy for even teens can use cosmetics without any side effects with the right make up tips and products. Follow these tips to enhance your natural beauty and best features.

Foundation and concealers :

1. Although foundation helps to clog pores experts suggest to avoid the use of foundation as it looks overdone, instead use dot concealers to cover up any blemishes. To set the concealer lightly dust on some loose powder over your entire face to even out your skin tone.
2. To cover the blemishes, dark circles, acne scars or any skin imperfections use a concealer pencil, according to the skin tone.

Eye Makeup

1. Curl your eyelashes, before applying any eye make up.
2. To really make your eyes pop with drama and color, you will need eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and brow liner. When you begin using mascara, brown works best for both blondes and brunettes.
3. Use a white eyeliner pencil on the inside rim of your lower lashes, to brighten the eyes
4. To enhance the shape of the brows, use a toothbrush to brush brows in place.
5. Fill in the gaps of the eyebrows with the help of soft gray eye pencil.
6. Apply some concealer around the eyes and smudge it well for fine finish.
7. Avoid using sparkles and metallic for eye makeup.

Lips :

1. Use lip moisturizer containing softness of beeswax and tea tree oil with the antiseptic qualities.
2. Apply lip gloss for luscious lips. To add colour to your lips for a late night party try a lipstick in a sheer color.
3. Always outline your lips with a pencil liner as it will help in keeping lipstick or gloss in place. For a longer lasting effect, apply oil-free foundation to your lips and using a lip crayon.
4. Avoid using lip balm too often as your lips will become dependent on it and will stop moisturizing themselves.

Cheeks :

1. To blend the blush better, apply blush by first sweeping your brush through the loose powder then through your powdered blush.
2. Say no, to all the water based products as most contain oil that keeps the product glued on the skin for days. Instead opt for oil-free products that contains ingredients like salicyclic acid or tea tree oil. These products also aid in acne treatment.
3. Pinks and peaches compliment almost any skin tone. Apply to the apple of your cheeks and blend outwards, towards your hairline. For the face makeup, use only the good brushes. Check make up brushes for flawless make up application.

Other Make up Tips

1. Never forget to remove make up with the help of cleansing milk.
2. Use a non-alcoholic toner or cold water on face.
3. If you have oily skin, blot away the excess oil by laying either a tissue or one of the face-blotting papers. You can also use perm end papers too. Do this before you do anything else.
Always remember clear and healthy skin is the perfect canvas for makeup. So pamper your skin with the right beauty tips for the head turning looks.


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