VERY FAIR SKIN-With silvery blond hair needs the greatest possible care in makeup. The skin tends to be delicate, often very sensitive and dry and must always be protected from the sun. Moisturizer is essential at all times and should always be used under foundation.

Only the lightest foundation is needed to achieve smooth creamy texture which is the first step to porcelain pink-and-white looks; alternatively gel make-up gives a tinge of honey color that is very attractive but almost impossible to acquire safely from the sun. a light hand is a golden rule for fair good looks, experiment with almost any color you like but stick to the lightest shades. 
The prettiest natural look for daytime is to make the most of the eyes, shadowing them in neutral colors that blend with the eyes, intensifying with kohl and mascara, shining lips with gloss and just a hint of blush.


Natural blondes and particularly dark blondes, often have a lot of red in their hair color; their skin tends to burn easily and freckle. Like redheads. But they can take stronger colors than the very fair and have more choice than redheads.

They are often considered the lucky ones, any color looks good on them. However, their skin is likely to be on the dry side and they should be careful using strong colors as their makeup should never be harsh. It’s easy to look washed-out wearing bright colors, but if you‘re fair-skinned and blond, be careful not to look over made-up. 
Choose a light-textured foundation (which allows your skin to show through) in a shade nearest your skin tone (test on the side of your jaw and choose in good daylight). Smoky colors plum grey, green, blue look good around the eyes; use a pink to plum blusher and true pink or real red lipsticks.


Girls with dark skins and dark brown or black hair often complain their skins are greasy and their make-up too shiny. This normally begins to disappear in their thirties, but then the danger is that the skin often goes very dry and, if neglected or not cleaned meticulously, may develop a grey or ashy look.

Dry skins need little or no tinted foundation or powder as they usually have natural bloom and good all-over tone, but, if patchy, makeup can help to even out the tone; often a gel-bronze foundation are not usually flattering and cool brown and earthy shades are best and the gel or liquid varieties rather than stick or cream are usually most satisfactory.

Blushers in brick or wine shades (it’s usually better to avoid light pink or red) and lipsticks in earth tones or wine are most becoming. Girls with the lighter types of brown skin can look wonderful with the brilliance of a true red r cyclamen pink. Pearlized lipsticks are inclined to make the mouth look larger; well-defined mouths usually look best with a minimum of color, just glossed.


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