have a look fresh, young and pleasant when the years begin to build on each other now and you do not want to resign? Brava! Do not resign, and even try your best to counter them by maintaining a youthful look. Inside and out. Here’s how. Twelve tips, twelve, to appear (even) younger than you are already. Choose the ones that inspire you most and keep the other for the next time you get the urge to change something in your look.

What would you say to start with, a ‘whitening’ of teeth?

White teeth and kept giving the feeling of youth and clean. Ask your dentist, there are very effective and low-risk to the health of teeth.

And a new haircut?

But not short! If you want to stay away from the look 40 years or so ‘attempts to keep their hair as long as possible. Let your hair short (which can also be very trendy, mind you) to the young. After a certain age the hair short shelf life. Period.

Care well, very well, the skin of the face, decollete and hands

They are the most exposed parts of our body and those that are ‘deteriorating’ rapidly. Unfortunately. Avoid exposing them unnecessarily to the sun (though never without protection) and investment in variety and quality moisturizers. A hydrated skin is a youthful skin. Well, almost.

“Flip the Wardrobe”

It is the right time to get rid of once and for all those leaders that make you feel so old but you’re sorry to throw. Do not throw … to give her friend:) And then go to get a ride, without necessarily breaking the bank, looking for clothes and accessories that can refresh your style. It is also fun, is not it?

And speaking of hair … dye, but with taste

Maybe let it be those highlights that are seen everywhere, and talk to your hairdresser you trust. Find a color that is closest to your true color, maybe playing with some reflection. Do not choose a color too dark if you have fair skin, or you’ll get old rather than rejuvenation.

Paying attention to eyebrows

Do not ‘nibble’ by itself, you run the risk of giving them a form not suitable, as well as make them (yet) thinner. Talk to an expert who will advise and make every effort to preserve them and thus contribute to a youthful-looking face.

A little ‘diet … and physical activity

But do not overdo it because too much or too rapid a weight loss brings with it many, many wrinkles. Everywhere. Do things slowly and never overdo it. Virtue, someone said, is in the middle …

Do not be afraid to talk to a medical specialist

A good dermatologist plastic or cosmetic surgeon, can give you valuable advice and even recommend specific products or minor surgery to fix some imperfections that otherwise would not have known how to deal with.

Careful to make

Use products (makeup and tools) for quality, and are very careful to effect ‘in rocket makeup around the eyes’. Ditto for the lipstick. If you have thin lips, careful to too strong colors that underline its thinness even more. And even in that area … attentive to the ‘lipstick on fine lines’ around the mouth.

Try to always sleep at least 8 hours a night

Nothing could be further ‘aging’ of a lack of sleep. The tired, the signs on the face … after all they call it ‘beauty sleep’ for some reason. No?

If you smoke. Stop smoking immediately!

Hands Leaving aside the very serious problems caused by smoking, think of yellow teeth, wrinkled and yellowish skin, nails … stop smoking and stop …


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