The process of hair loss is normal, and that daily fall between 20 to 25.

However, when it exceeds that number can be seen, then, that the person is suffering from alopecia.
There are several factors that cause and hormonal (androgens or male hormones), use of medications (such as anticancer and anti-tumor), severe psychological aggression (stress, bad news, depression) and even genetic factors
When the hair falls out, the key is to avoid further that process and then the important thing is to recover the lost, you can use various treatments for hair loss such as:

Lotion nuts and olive oil




250 cl of olive oil.
8 peeled and chopped walnuts.

Application Mode


Place olive oil in a glass and add the nueces. Dejar rest for seven days in a cool place. Shake the preparation every night.
After that time, spread your fingers with oil, apply on the scalp and massage gently.
After three hours, wash the hair. This oil can be used three times a month.
Basil Lotion



1 liter of water
150 grams of basil leaves.

Mode Application


Boil in a quart of water for 20 minutes the basil leaves.
Then blend the leaves and store the liquid in a sealable bottle. Apply daily on the hair root.
Thyme and rosemary lotion



2 handfuls of thyme
2 handfuls of rosemary.
Low-grade alcohol (20 or 30 degrees)

Mode Application


They put in a jar handfuls of thyme and rromero. Add low-grade alcohol (20 or 30 degrees) to cover the plants. Close the jar and let the mixture marinate in the refrigerator for a week.
After that time, filter the liquid and apply it daily on the scalp with the help of the fingertips and a little massage. Maintain treatment until you notice its effects ..

Burdock Root Lotion




20 g fresh burdock root.
100 ml of an infusion of nettle leaves loaded.
100 ml of fine alcohol.

Mode Application


Make first a decoction with fresh burdock root in 250 ml of water. To this end, the roots should be cut into small pieces or shred for water to penetrate deeper into the interior.
Colcoarr in a saucepan and cover with water. The proper ratio is 2 tablespoons to 1 / 2 liter of water. Boil for 30 minutes. Strain.
Prepare 100 ml of an infusion of nettle leaves loaded. To do this, place the leaves in a container, glass or steel and cover with boiling water. The amounts vary, but generally use a teaspoon per 250 ml of water (about one cup).
Cover the container to prevent the removal of volatile oils and let sit for 15 minutes. Strain and drink immediately. To save the infusions, once placed lukewarm in a glass container with a lid and stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
Mix them ready and add the alcohol. Place in a glass jar with lid and let stand for 7 days. Strain through a cloth, squeezing the herbs to take all active.
Twice a day, rub the scalp in a circular motion with the fingertips, trying to “take off” the skin from bone.

Aloe vera recipe fall arrest




1 piece aloe vera

Mode Application


Cut a piece of aloe vera or aloe of about 10 centimeters and get the inside of the leaf pulp. With it, the scalp is massaged with warm water mixed for seven minutes. Then allow to work for an hour and finally at stake with warm water first and then cold.
Fall arrest nettle recipe



Sheets nettle

Mode Application


Obtained nettle leaves to be boiled for a tea which will be applied to the scalp after shampooing cabelluro. Is massaged for 5 to 10 minutes and left in place.
To prevent and stop baldness should mix some vodka with a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and massaging the scalp daily with this mixture.

Diet to combat hair loss or alopecia

Foods that should be consumed to combat hair loss are:

1.  Nettle. This plant has always been considered very effective against hair loss. In addition, externally used in shampoos and lotions are also recommended for use infusion (boil 3 minutes and let stand 20).
2.  Brewer’s yeast It is one of the best supplements for your hair because it is the natural element that provides more vitamin B complex, good amount of essential amino acids and several minerals, including phosphorus. Therefore, strengthens hair and boosts brightness by simply taking three teaspoons of yeast per day, sprinkled on food or mixed with water or some juice.
3.  Watercress. This food contains many vitamins and minerals essential for hair. Should be used often in our regular diet.
Besides food Mention above are advised to eat wheat germ, dark molasses, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds, whole grains, seafood (the copper contieneninfluye positively on skin pigment).

Beauty tips to combat hair loss or alopecia

There are many beauty tips for combating hair loss such as:


  • Do not expose themselves to the sea, beach, riverBut particular care must be taken with the sun, because if you give directly to the head, this makes the scalp gets thicker and impedes hair growth.
  • Avoid gels, mousse, etc. and conducive to hair loss.
  • Avoid brushing it could be counterproductive even causing its fall. Is better anchas.Tratar separations using combs to keep the scalp clean, because when the follicles become plugged, the hair tends to fall more easily.

Avoid hats Prolonged


  • Try not to use tongs, hooks, etc.. that help in picking up hair as they create a tension.
  • No painted hairBecause the chemical constant head can lead to hair loss. not done deep chemical treatments regularly
  • No dried with hot air dryer but alnatural
  • Avoid stress A tense nervous system creates a contraction which closes the blood vessels who take food to the hair. If the tension persists, malnutrition increase scalp hair loss by normal that parts of the bald head look.


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