How to apply the eyeliner and eyeshadow. We want to replace our usual look ‘soap and water’ with a look stronger, more explicit? Then you need an eye pencil and eyeshadow. Here, step by step, how to apply pencil and eyeshadows.

You always start with a pencil is important to start from the outside to the inside of the eye. Apply the pencil as close as possible to root of eyelashes every posting creates the effect of an eye ‘cute little’. The more you are able to ‘stick’ the pencil between the lashes, more beautiful and intense the effect.

The pencil is then the first step to eye make-up. This can only be applied on the upper eyelids, or even under the eyes. Questa a choice that depends primarily on the eyes, their form and gets the effect you want.

If you apply the pencil well, 80% have already done the trick. Why the pencil creates a limit within which to work. If you are within the lines that you did with the pencil avoid applying makeup beyond a certain limit so as to make the eyes tired. So if you spot with a pencil the exact spot that gives you a momentum effect, no longer run the risk of making mistakes when you apply makeup eyeshadows. Always remember to draw lines ‘up’ (the lines ‘down’ makes it feel sad) and extend the line towards the outside of the eye. Soften the line slightly to soften the trick.

We move on to eyeshadow in powder are easier to apply.

If the powder you have is a light color, apply only to the inner corner of the eye. Sfumatelo then with the dark color of the pencil itself. Put even just below the hairline to the eyebrows look more open.

In case you provide a medium dark color, so not as dark as a pencil but not clear, apply across the eyelid. In this case, it would be better if it were a slightly pearly effect because it creates a less gloomy, less shade.

If the color you have available instead is really dark, then you will not do anything but cover lightly dust with the same treatment as you did with the pencil to make it fixed. If you work with more colors for each color, follow the rules above. You’ll get a ‘catwalk effect’!

Finally, most important, never forget the final touch of mascara!


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