For perfectly made-up eyes, one needs a pair of tweezers, an eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eyeliner one, an eyelash curler and mascara.

In the eye make-up should not extend to the area between the eyebrows and eyelashes only focus, but also in the context of the eyes, the eyes building. As a problem area can have the so-called dark circles out to – you need special care and make-up technique, which we want to go extra items left in one.

For plucking the eyebrows is the best tweezers with slanted edge. Important that you are not plucking the eyebrows, just below. With the eyebrow pencil to draw then short feathery strokes to support the eyebrows. Never by drawing a line!

The eyeliner can also be applied to the eye shadow. Where: when plotting black eyeliner on the lower edge of the lashes, the eyes look smaller, white contrast makes the eyes appear larger. Always apply the bar from inside to outside and him in the outer corner of your eye can not be downward, otherwise the eyes appear sad.

The lashes should be given before the mascara with the eyelash curler a swing upward. Mascara gives your lashes more volume, thus they appear more alert and open. Not too much color on the mascara, otherwise it looks lumpy. It is better to him twice in between thin plotting and it is time to dry.

When applying eye shadow is to be noted that in more accentuated eyes the lipstick should be discreet, so that the make-up does not seem too. One has the choice between cream and powder eye shadow. Cream eye shadow is easy to apply, powder eye shadow liable better contrast. As for the color, you should choose one that highlights the eye color. This is usually achieved through the use of complementary colors. Darker shades in the crease should apply lighter, under and between the eyebrows and eyelashes eyelid crease.


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