Deodorants, regardless how much it help you to control body odor, are major causes for dark underarms. In beauty skin care, obtaining the benefits of deodorants in controlling odor would also mean suffering the painful reality of developing dark underarms. Sometimes, you might experience other side effects or symptoms besides skin darkening of the affected area. This largely depends on the cause and severity of your skin discoloration stains. The best way is to take home remedies for your skin discolorations. Always choose safe, natural, effective affordable home treatments for dark skin discolorations.

3 dark underarms types of stains

There are 3 most common types of dark armpits stains, namely

  1. Environmental, dark armpits are caused by chemicals applied to your underarms such as deodorants, wearing tight fitting clothes near the underarm area, and your hygiene practices.
  2. Hereditary, some do have hereditary genetic disorders of dark underarms.
  3. Dark armpits related disorder symptoms, this means that having dark skin discolorations in the underarms problem is just one of the symptoms of another condition. This means that you need to consult a doctor first about your dark underarms just to make sure it is not caused by any other illnesses.

Causes of dark underarms

Shaving is one of the most common causes and environmental type of dark armpits stains. If you want to lighten dark underarms, you need to switch to underarm waxing. You may want to choose underarm waxing than the expensive laser treatment or laser hair removal. Facilitate the process by applying some skin lightening cream.

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Poor hygiene practices may cause build up of deodorant salts and residues on your skin. Most of the deodorants leave sticky residues on your skin that you need to improve your beauty skin care grooming practices. Soap and water cannot take out these residues alone. You need to gently exfoliate your dark armpits and at least put some lemon juice in it during your bath to keep it white. The harmful chemicals of your deodorants irritate and set off skin hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration.

In dark armpits problems, most factors causing darkened skins  have been associated with the build up of dead skin cells from lack of skin exfoliation as well as rare medical conditions such as diabetes and acanthosis nigricans. Acanthosis nigricans is a condition experienced by overweight people characterized by darkening of the skin on the neck, underarms, groin, and other regions of the body.

If you observed that dark armpits are dominant in your family, then it could be most likely a hereditary condition. There are effective skin lighteners you can use to even out the tone of your dark armpits. You can choose to see a dermatologist or use the natural home remedies. However, most people using the natural home remedies reported seeing minimal results. If you want to facilitate the process, you could shift to underarm waxing, skin bleaching, and using skin lightening cream. You need to examine the ingredients of your deodorant closely too.

How to treat dark underarms?

  1. The first one is to reduce the use of your deodorants. Examine the ingredients and look for better deodorant that would not cause much darkening of your underarms.
  2. Do not wear tight clothing if not necessary. This means that you wear tight fitting clothes only when there is a need, such as parties or special occasions.
  3. Switch to underarm waxing instead of hair pullers and shaving.
  4. Perform armpit peeling or bleaching through dermatology clinics. Some dermatologist would want to perform skin bleaching or skin peeling depending on the degree of hyperpigmentation or darkening.

Examine your options and the cost of your options. If you are not in a hurry, you can explore the natural home remedies for dark underarms. Using the right remedy could help you facilitate skin whitening of your dark armpits. Always remember that home remedies from natural fruits such as lemon juice are the best way to lighten your skin. This does not give you any side effects. Consider the most common skin lighteners lemon juice and baking soda. You need to know how to properly apply both. They are sometimes mixed with turmeric powder to be more effective in treating dark armpits. The two are also known to prevent body odors and prevent unpleasant discolorations of your clothing near the underarms due to sweating and deodorant stains.


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