Sometimes we all wonder if we are on a diet, tell us how good we are and want to know how many kilos we have reduced weight

But other times, when we are fixing the mirror, we feel like swollen and we are looking at us like never before fat and, often, this has a lot to do with the clothes we wear, the model we have chosen and to fabric, it is made.
That’s why we have to learn to dress to look like. thin, but not born knowing exactly what clothing is the best he has left. It is necessary to experience what models will do better according to measure.
There are following tips will give you an idea of how much more can be thinner.

1.The strip or clothing that reveals folds the parties that are fatter, attracting more attention to that area. If the item can be arranged to fall properly do so quickly!

    2. If you wear any clothing that has an elastic tight and makes you see the protuberant stomach not use it!
      3. The high heels are terrible for good posture because they force pushing the stomach out for balance . If you use them , try to alternate with others lower.
        4. Keep your problem areas covered. For example, if your thighs are thick no wear shorts , or shorts , if your derriere is great , be sure that your dress Bath covers it completely.
          5. When using portfolio hanging over his shoulder, take a long strap that allow the portfolio stumble some part of your body fat (Such as the hip).
            6. If you are overweight , try to wear good jewelry of gold near the face ( earrings or pin it up near the shoulder). So that looks achieved are directed towards them and away defects.
              7. Wear blouses , shirts and T-shirts comfortably within their pants , as that is not form any protrusion.
                8. Never seen without looking at a mirror whole body. Use a hand to see the profile and back.
                  9. As a visual way how to remove kilos below the waist , use shoes, stockings and skirt of the same color.
                    10. Do not wear clothes of horizontal lines. Replace it with other lines vertical that will appear double thin.
                      11. Wear dresses that buttoned from the ring to the neck , and leave the past buttons open. Climb the neck, especially if you are fat from the waist down.
                        12. When using boots , be sure that her skirt covers the edge of them. Leave a space between the boot and The arena will be fatter as interrupted vertical line body.
                          13. Wear sandals with heel naked for make your legs more thin.
                            14. Whatever your issue proportion, you can reduce a long coat made to measure.
                              15. Not buy a swimsuit trimmed contrasting the thick zonasmás of his body. The single most favored dark .
                                16. Avoid flights, curls and further details developed in the blouses.
                                  17. Also use double ring (low) or patches in my pants if your legs are short.
                                    18. To choose a dress for formal occasions long, gauzy fabric . It looks more slender 

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