Many women have discovered, with disgust, that their armpits are ocureciendo.

In this regard, we note that there are several factors that affect this situation and are detailed below:


  1. According to several studies genetic predisposition, if parents have dark armpits children have great potential also suffer from dark underarms. This is due to hyperpigmentation or skin spots utsar whose solution is the same creams that are used for the spots on his face.
  2. Accumulation of dead cells in that area.
  3. Some deodorants. The perfume and alcohol content in some deodorants can cause stains on contact with sunlight.
  4. Waxing. Shaving creams have chemicals that can cause stains on some people. It is best to remove hair wax or sugar.
Here are some other natural recipes to lighten dark underarms

Recipe lemon and glycerin.




3 drops of glycerin
3 drops lemon juice
3 drops of almond oil

Mode Application


Mix all ingredients and, once daily, before bathing apply yourself that preparation.
Store in refrigerator leftovers of this preparation for use the next day.

Yogurt recipe against dark armpits




2 tablespoons natural yogurt
2 tablespoons natural glycerin
The juice of one lemon boy

Mode Application


Mix all ingredients. Before using this preparation should be cleaned the area with olive oil in a speck of cotton.
Save the preparation that is in the fridge which lasts two weeks.

Beauty tips to combat the dark armpits

There are many beauty tips for dark armpits as:


  1. Apply body lotion to keep skin moist which helps to help prevent staining the effect of sunlight.
  2. Use a deodorant that has no alcohol or preferably natural fragrance (see above issues).
  3. Use the pad every day (preferably natural), apply the cream after a bath (no fragrance).
4. If the arms have been spotted recently may exfoliate with a mixture of one tablespoon baking soda, two drops lime and hydrogen peroxide and application of this preparation for 20 minutes in the affected area Likewise, you can exfoliate with a little sugar with honey which is applied in areas marked and then rinsed.


If in addition to stains, your skin is irritated or painful, this condition can be caused by allergic reaction to a product or a bacterial infection. In this case, consult a physician.


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