Bali Kratom, in my opinion, is a wonderfully under-explored medicinal plant (tree). When using anything for medicinal purposes, though, there is always a potential that negative side effects exist. This is as true with Bali Kratom as it is with other natural and pharmaceutical drugs. Here are the negative aspects of Bali Kratom that I’ve found personally, as well as side effects reported by others.

As I’ve primarily used PC / standard Bali Kratom, my experiences may vary from somebody who uses extracts or stronger strains. Though, with the slight variations I’ve used (some Thai, Indo and Malaysian), the side effects seems pretty consistent across these types of Kratom.

Personal Experiences

Side effects I’ve personally encountered using Kratom.

Short-term effects
Side effects that generally last a few hours or less.

  • Eye issues – kind of like blurred vision, I say it ‘makes my eyes twitch’, but it’s more of an inability to keep your eyes focused well. The effect seems more pronounced with certain batches of Kratom, but I think I have ‘eye issues’ for nearly every dose, regardless of the vendor or batch.
  • Lightheadedness – Your brain might feel ‘foggy’, slight loss of balance.
  • Nausea / stomach cramping  i.e. one of red bali kratom effects due to overdose– Usually only experienced with the ‘toss and wash‘ method of ingestion, but sometimes my stomach will feel upset of sorts shortly after ingestion.

Longer-term effects
Side effects that may last for many, many hours to days after dosing.

  • Dehydration – Kratom makes me very dehydrated, but that’s likely because I use it daily. Regardless, you should drink plenty of water to counter-act this side effect.
  • Constipation – Probably related to the dehydration and the ongoing use, but Kratom, when used regularly, does seem to cause constipation.
  • Sexual issues – Long-term use seems to decrease your sex drive, at least for me as an early-30s male.
  • Tolerance & cross-tolerance – If you use Kratom regularly, you’ll build up a tolerance to it and will need more to ‘feel’ the same effects that you had before. It doesn’t seem, however, that the other effects (pain relieving, for example) are much affected by tolerance. Which is why, I assume, I’ve pretty much taken the same dose for nearly a year. Also, there’s a cross-tolerance between Kratom and opiates, such as Hydrocodone (the only opiate I’ve taken since finding Kratom).
  • Dependency / Withdrawal – Kratom can be addicting, and will likely cause physical dependency (or psychological addiction in at-risk individuals) with long-term use. Withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of opiate withdrawal — restless leg, nausea, cold chills, sweats, agitation, mood swings, etc, except Kratom withdrawal, in my opinion, is much less intense than withdrawal from Hydrocodone (Vicodin)

Reported side effects

Side effects I’ve found online about Kratom that I haven’t personally experienced.

  • Hangover – usually happens 12-36 hours after taking Kratom. Likely due to overdosing or worsened by dehydration.
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Severe nausea / extreme lightheadedness – likely due to overdose. People who overdose tend to throw up shortly after dosing, feel very lightheaded, and will likely have a hangover-like feeling for a day or so.

Kratom overdose effects

Though mentioned above, I’ll add these side effects to their own section

If you overdose, you’ll likely get sick — as in vomiting — shortly after taking Kratom. You’ll probably feel out of it, be very light headed, and will likely get a hangover like feeling after your body has settled down some. I’ve not read of Kratom overdose being fatal, but I’m sure it certainly could be with the right mix of random scenarios. The thing is, though, if you overdose on Kratom and you’ve already evacuated the materials from your stomach… I think the only remedy there is to ride it out until the Kratom has left your system.

Disclaimers: I’m not a doctor, and I’m certainly not qualified in any way to give medical advice. If you’re experiencing side effects from Kratom use, you should talk to a health care provider, and if they’re severe side effects… you might want to go to a hospital. As with any type of drug or plant, people react differently, and what may be safe for me and others could be extremely dangerous for you. If you have any health or medical concerns about using Kratom — see a doctor — don’t rely on my experience or any other information that you find online about it.


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