Unfortunately, acne scarring is quite common among many people. What exactly causes acne scarring? The factors vary from age, genetics, climate etc. The person’s skin type represents a major influence, too.

There is some good news though. I know how depressing it can get to deal with this issue, but thankfully there is one homemade face mask that deals with this pesky acne scarring. I believe that homemade masks are a natural remedy that is more efficient than any mask you may buy from a shop. Now let’s get down to business.

You won’t need too many ingredients. I recommend you use one part oatmeal and two or three parts water. I must highlight the fact that oatmeal is the perfect natural remedy for acne scarring. This magical ingredient has the power to exfoliate the pores and get rid of that oily skin.

Some ladies like to use some artificial ingredients that bleach the acne scars. We will be using some lemon juice instead of dubious ingredients. Using lemon juice is so rewarding. It makes the scars fade away so easily. You can use all of these ingredients separately or you can mix them all together in a pot over low heat to create the perfect homemade face mask. You just stir the ingredients and then you have to let them cool.

If you want to be sure, you can also add some honey, too. Pay attention, though. You shouldn’t heat the honey (just mix it with the other ingredients when they’re cooling, because honey loses its great properties when it’s heated up). A lot of doctors and nutritionists love honey and it’s clear to see why. Honey helps the acne scars heal faster so it might be better to add some honey to this great mixture, too.

If you want better results, you should apply the face mask before bedtime and let it sit overnight.
If you are in a hurry, just keep it on your face for 40 minutes or so. Also, when I wash off this incredible homemade face mask, I usually choose a moisturizer for a silky skin.


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